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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Do you trust your trainer(?).....you should!

Hi everyone, it's Lori Nieves, your ilovekickboxing.com instructor!!!!

We all know it’s important to develop relationships with others in order to express ourselves openly.  In fact, trust is a fundamental way in which we work with, communicate with, hear, and learn from each other.  Rapport, and in turn a trusting relationship, is also the key to a positive relationship with trainers and coaches.


The opposite is true as well.  A lack of trust, including low morale, low productivity, and failure to give 100% can lead to the end of a productive relationship with your trainer or coach.  Without a positive and trusting relationship, it will be far more difficult for us to reach our goals. 


Here are some questions that you should be asking yourself to determine if you have a trusting relationship with your trainer. 

1.      Does your trainer focus on you rather than herself?

2.      Does your trainer work with you collaboratively to reach your goals rather than tell you what your goals should be?

3.      Do you feel validated or understood by your trainer?


Our goal at ILKB is that you answer yes to all of these questions.  After all, it’s our goal to help you reach yours.