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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Getting The Most Out of Your Workout

A popular fitness magazine published an article entitled “11 Ways to Burn More Calories.” Read through the list and notice how many of them are integral to every single ilovekickboxing class. Check this out!


Exercising on a Full or Empty Stomach – the recommendation here is to have at least some food in your system for your workout. This provides some reserves for your muscles to work at peak performance and increases fat burn rates as compared to not having eaten prior to exercise. Use good judgment in timing and in amounts to eat and get to know your body. High quality inputs give your body the nutrients it needs to burn the most fat and calories.


Upper-Body or Lower Body – everyone wants those strong, sculpted arms. Fortunately, all muscle groups are worked on in every ILKB class. But it’s those big muscle groups that help burn the most calories. So embrace every lunge, squat, and burpee (everyone’s favorite) especially when jumps are added, not to mention all the great heavy bag work, and know that you are maximizing your efforts for fat and calorie burn along with muscle strengthening.


Slow and Steady or Interval Training – the article states that, “alternating between periods of all-out effort and rest, it lets you go harder, longer, to burn the same number of calories in about half the time as you would with steady state exercise.” Studies even suggest that high intensity intervals can boost your metabolism for 14 hours. Every ILKB class has those high intensity bursts separated by a short rest, whether in the conditioning portion of class or the heavy bag work. It’s awesome to catch your breath while your instructor explains the next combo so you can go all out til the next one – this is high intensity interval training!


Working Out By Yourself or With Others – this one is rather self-explanatory. Our ILKB family loves to work out together. We all encourage each other and push each other to go harder even when we don’t realize that’s what we are doing.


Starting Your Workout with Static or Dynamic Stretches – the article recommends that light jogging or butt kicks keeps your muscles strong instead of static “bend and hold” stretches. So all that conditioning at the beginning of every ILKB class keeps you strong so you can use proper form and burn more calories.


Doing the Same Workout Every Day or Switching It Up – switching it up wins out. The amazing variety in every ILKB class makes it easy to switch up your workout. Even though the number of basic kicks and punches is relatively small and easy to learn, the variety of combos makes every class new and different, challenging your body to keep up and burn more calories.


Strength Training or Cardio First – putting strength training before cardio exercise is said to burn the most calories. There are two energy systems your body uses to convert food to energy: anaerobic (stored energy) and aerobic (converting fat to energy.) They do not work independently, but generally strength training (the conditioning part of ILKB classes) uses up anaerobic energy and cardio training (the heavy bag work) dips deep into the aerobic system. So even the order of the class is designed to provide the most effective workout for your efforts.


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